2017 Edition Report

2017 Edition Report

The International Exhibition of Information and Communication Technologies dedicated to Africa, SITIC AFRICA 2017 is an international event which serves to raise awareness of the Tunisian ICT offer to Tunisian SMEs and SMIs while being a platform for the International partnership involving Africa, the Arab World, Developed Countries and Tunisia.
SITIC AFRICA 2017 which closed its doors on April 20, 2017 at the Parc des Expositions du Kram had gathered 136 exhibitors and had attracted more than 5,500 visitors including, in particular, 200 African Public and Private Decision Makers and nearly 70 Maghreb Businessmen and Bankers (Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Mauritania).


Reports of the survey conducted

At the level of the global judgment in the Exhibition
Foreign Delegations






The African Delegations are completely satisfied with their participation in SITIC AFRICA 2017 with 98.10% of favorable judgments.
The Exhibitors are also generally satisfied but to a lesser degree with 90.50% of favorable judgments.

Join us and be part of the great ICT event in Africa alongside decision makers and prime contractors from Tunisia, Africa and elsewhere. Come Share your experiences and participate in exchanges to contribute to the development of South-South collaboration links.

Info. Contact

Tel: 216 71 975 035 / 71 975 054
Fax: +216 71 975 352
e-mail: contact@siticafrica.com
Adress: Kram Exhibition Center

Exhibition Commissioner

Ms Nada Ziadi


M. Chaker Mansouri

e-mail: mchaker@tunisie-afrique-export.com
Tel : +216 22 988 089


Ms Nada Ziadi