2018 Edition Report


2018 Edition Report

Africa’s market potential and digital intelligence combined with financial resources and developed countries know-how could constitute an axis of development and triangular win-win partnership between Tunisia, developed countries and Africa. It’s in this perspective; the 3rd edition of the SITIC AFRICA 2018 was set to be an opening for Tunisian companies in triangular partnership on both developed and African countries.

It is with this in mind that the 3rd edition of the SITIC AFRICA 2018 was set to be an opening for Tunisian companies in a triangular partnership with both developed countries and African countries.

SITIC AFRICA 2018 which closed its doors on April 12, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the Exhibition Park brought together 80 exhibitors and attracted 6000 visitors, including more than 200 African Public and Private Decision-makers as well as business delegations, mainly from Canada, Jordan, Algeria and China.


Global Results



B2B Planned Meetings



Report of the survey conducted

At the level of the global judgment in the Exhibition
Foreign delegations

Overall, 14.8% of foreign delegations believe that SITIC AFRICA is an excellent exhibition, 31.5% think it’s a very good exhibition and 42.6% rank it among the good exhibitions while the exhibitors are 10% of judgment Excellent, 43.3% very good and 36.7% good.

No participant, neither on the Tunisian or the foreign side, made a poor judgment.
African and foreign participations
African participations
Foreign participations

Join us and be part of the great ICT event in Africa alongside decision makers and prime contractors from Tunisia, Africa and elsewhere. Come Share your experiences and participate in exchanges to contribute to the development of South-South collaboration links.

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e-mail: contact@siticafrica.com
Adress: Kram Exhibition Center

Exhibition Commissioner

Ms Nada Ziadi


M. Chaker Mansouri

e-mail: mchaker@tunisie-afrique-export.com
Tel : +216 22 988 089


Ms Nada Ziadi