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Tunisie Afrique Export

As an Export Consulting Company mainly in Africa, Tunisie Afrique Export aims to deliver Export Support Services to Tunisian exporting companies.

Tunisie Afrique Export is registered with a capital of 1 million Tunisian dinars.

In implementing SITIC AFRICA 2020 Tunisie Afrique Export aims to create a platform for exchange and partnership between Tunisian and African SMEs in the IT sector. It also aims to attract western companies interested in partnership with Tunisia and Africa.

NET Opportunity

NET Opportunity is a French export consulting company for Africa. Its Manager, Mr. Bruno Roth, is a Foreign Trade Advisor and an Honorary Consul of the Ivory Coast in Nancy for the Est of France.

Cloud Temple Abidjan

The company Cloud Temple Abidjan specializing in the development, transformation, hosting and outsourcing of critical business applications. Its Managing Director, Mr. Fodhiel Kerkeni has extensive international experience.

The IT National Federation

The IT National Federation within the Employers Body, UTICA, which represents the majority of Tunisian SMEs dealing with IT.

SITIC AFRICA 2020 is organized in partnership with:

  • The Tunisian Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (APTBEF), assembling 24 universal banks, 2 investment banks, 8 leasing companies and 2 factoring enterprises.
  • The Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization, AICTO, an Arab governmental Organization working under the aegis of the League of Arab States.
  • CONECT, an Employers Body.
  • The Tunisian Digital Club DSI.

Our vision

The company will try to contribute to increasing the Tunisian share in global imports of Africa through promotional campaigns targeting both the Tunisian exporter apparatus with nearly 6,000 exporting companies and African customers beginning with ‘Sub-Saharan Africa.These promotional actions will be a prelude to prospecting trips and collective actions on the ground by organizing specialized professional exhibitions in Africa, the organization of partnership meetings between Tunisian Exporters and African Importers in Africa and Tunisia while ensuring ongoing follow up on site.


Our activities

  1. The organization of Trade Shows, specialized exhibitions, Tunisian trade weeks or any other trade event for the promotion of Tunisian exports of goods and services in Africa as well in Tunisia than in African countries.
  2. The preparation of market studies for Tunisian exporters interested in the African market
  3. The organization of relationship meetings between African customers and Tunisian exporters.
  4. The creation of a database of African importers and a database of Tunisian exporters with potential on Africa.
  5. The establishment of an intermediation role in the transport of goods between Tunisia and Africa.
  6. The organization of visits in Tunisia to African customers.
  7. The implementation of a B2C web portal, real marketplace for Tunisian exporters and African buyers.
  8. The initiation of export triangular cooperation actions and international trade between Tunisia, Africa and some countries of the European Union.
  9. The help and support of Tunisian exporting companies planning to establish themselves in Africa.
  10. The Monitoring of calls for African tenders of goods and services and their communication to the concerned Tunisian companies.

Join us and be part of the great ICT event in Africa alongside decision makers and prime contractors from Tunisia, Africa and elsewhere. Come Share your experiences and participate in exchanges to contribute to the development of South-South collaboration links.

Info. Contact

Tel: 216 71 975 035 / 71 975 054
Fax: +216 71 975 352
e-mail: contact@siticafrica.com
Adress: Kram Exhibition Center

Exhibition Commissioner

Ms Nada Ziadi


M. Chaker Mansouri

e-mail: mchaker@tunisie-afrique-export.com
Tel : +216 22 988 089


Ms Nada Ziadi