4th edition of the International E-health Forum in Africa

International E-health Forum in Africa, 4th edition SITIC AFRICA ABIDJAN 2022

SITIC AFRICA, the International Digital Exhibition dedicated to Africa is an International Digital Business platform involving the African and international offer in a logic of development, partnership, investment and co-project implementation. Over 300 African companies visiting the Exhibition with more than 200 professional visitors from Western countries.

Since its launch in 2016 in Tunis, SITIC AFRICA has always relied on 3 major axes:

  1. Exposure of African potential in the digital sector with Starts Up and Innovation spaces.
  2. Organization of B2B meetings between African and international digital companies between them, and between them and the digital user companies.
  3. The International Forums on applied digital transformation to other sectors of the economy: agriculture, industry and services, including banking and financial services.

The SITIC AFRICA is a great ecosystem to promote the digitization of health in Africa.

Since 2018, the Promoters of SITIC AFRICA have organized an International E-Health Forum in Africa every year. This Forum has always been organized in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Health, the Tunisian Federation of Health, Le Body of Employers, Conect Digital, the Tunisian Association of Telemedicine and African partners, particularly in Telemedicine.
The digital transformation in the health sector in Africa is for SITIC AFRICA one of the major priorities as digital technology transforms our lives.
Its impact should accelerate the improvement of our social lifestyle and the quality of our life. The health of the African being a top priority.

E-health includes:

  • Telehealth, which includes prevention and care actions carried out remotely: information via general public portals, health promotion sites, telephone alert systems, remote electronic prescriptions.
  • Telemedicine (medical procedures performed remotely by a doctor): consultation by videoconference, tele-assistance from a doctor during an intervention, remote monitoring of the patient, tele-expertise (exchange of doctors’ opinions).
  • M-health (mobile health) which includes digital applications for smartphones or connected objects (bracelets, etc.) related to health.
  • Electronic health record systems.

The health sector in Africa is now facing several challenges of modernization.
Our International Forum E-health in Africa will try to make an inventory of digitization of health in Africa, exchange of experiences and good practices between countries, presentation of innovative programs that can boost the E -Health in Africa and of course the formulation of recommendations to improve the existing one.
The panelists who would speak from the African and international level will try to shed the maximum light on digital advances in the health sector, both for the patient and for the doctor or the public or private organization that manages health. These advances must be seen both in the quality of research and care and in the management of the patient-doctor, hospital-clinic / doctor / patient relationship.


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February 24, 2022, 10:00 am
2hr. 30min.

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Join us and be part of the great ICT event in Africa alongside decision makers and prime contractors from Tunisia, Africa and elsewhere. Come Share your experiences and participate in exchanges to contribute to the development of South-South collaboration links.

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Ms Nada Ziadi


Ms Nada Ziadi


Ms Nada Ziadi